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#382 + (11) - [X]
<@Weebs> I have a trailer you can use
<@Weebs> and your girlfriend has a truck
<@Weebs> you're set
<@dgibbons> my gf doesn't have a truck
<@hemp> what Weebs meant was, he will use your girlfriend while your gone
<@VxD> well, Weebs has a truck, sounds like a fair rental trade
#254 + (-9) - [X]
< absolutejoe> Nice ... google's logo is in braille ... and the first
link, is to wikipedia ... which has one item in the trivia
area on Louis Braille ... that in 2006 Google honored
Braille by displaying their logo in braille ...

#141 + (-14) - [X]
* shiruken is compiling
<lispy> compiling an anal bum cover?
<shiruken> yeah, I don't want a visit from the butt pirates aboard
SS Ahoy, Sailor
<shiruken> hrm, just got to gcc, this'll be a while
<lispy> gotta watch out for their swashbuckling swards

#155 + (-43) - [X]
06:12 < thumper^> linux is the festering shit that spoils the minds of today's geek youth

#298 + (10) - [X]
<@Weebs> effing hell man if you're going to post a pic of yourself with a
naked chick at least make sure it's a good pic of a naked chick
<@hemp> exactly
<@VxD> totally
<@sab_> you pimp what you got, and thats as close as he got
<@VxD> some crazy Ashland Marti Gras
<@Weebs> seriously, my penis is trying to go inside my body now... canine style
<@VxD> ...
<@Weebs> it's like a tube of lipstick :*(

#50 + (-9) - [X]
< nate> the good thing about a mac mini is that it's really easy to throw
#206 + (0) - [X]
<thumper^> Sleep well?
< jae_fox> kinda lol
<thumper^> I should make a script that makes stats about how often you 'lol'
< jae_fox> ok
<thumper^> Right now we've said 134 lines to eachother. You've said 'lol' 18 times. That's 13% of the lines you've spoken, have contained 'lol'
< jae_fox> omg
< jae_fox> thats sad
<thumper^> That you say it, or that I took the time to make the stats? :P
< jae_fox> both
<thumper^> :)
#252 + (18) - [X]
<kth5> Don't argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. :)
#21 + (9) - [X]
< VxD> yeah, goddamn mysql
< VxD> it makes Access look good
#171 + (24) - [X]
< cactus> vaginas dont like irc
< geekinpink> mine doesn't seem to mind
< cactus> well, you are sitting on it..what is it going to say?
< cactus> >_<
< geekinpink> murphle...weralkdfj...

#237 + (-18) - [X]
< lispy> homeless girls give the best bj's because they're starving
< lispy> they'll eat anything
< fords> huh. i always went with the $5 prostitute on the grounds that
she gets quite a bit more practice.
< lispy> $5 prostitutes are good for anal, but i'd prefer a homeless girl
for a bj anyday

#109 + (-8) - [X]
User wangstick joined channel #G4TechTV
<wangstick>god i've been banned like 6 times this week from this thing
<wangstick>for almost nothin
<wangstick>nazi mods
<baloo>I guess you almost need to stop doing that then, wangstick
<wangstick>but im only expressing my opinion ;_;
<wangstick>and i get banned
baloo laughs!
<baloo>If I wanted your opinion, I'd give it to you. 8)
<wangstick>are you talking about
<Dan_Sgambelluri>!kb wangstick evading ban0
ChanServ sets mode +b *!*@pcp07840731pcs.wilmsc01.tn.comcast.net on #G4TechTV
wangstick has left the chat (Kicked by ChanServ. Reason: (Dan_Sgambelluri) evading ban0).

#331 + (-4) - [X]
< cwells> at least now we know why the chicken crossed the road
< fords> to stay the fuck (literally) away from you?
< cwells> to be in tentacle porn!
#189 + (-19) - [X]
< Weebs_> I just called our ISP tech support and he's like "I see errors
on your router, I'll clear them and if you keep having problems
we'll see what's new, have a nice day *CLICK*"
< [i]con> Wow.
< [i]con> Who's your ISP?
< Weebs_> XO
< Weebs_> same as you
< Weebs_> (at work)
<@shiruken> so, I just got this call from a guy who thought I was XO tech
<@shiruken> I told him, dude, I'll clean out your router with my router
sweep brush. hav a nice day
<@shiruken> *click*
#296 + (9) - [X]
< cwells:#orlug> i like to sit at home and count my balls, over and over
#268 + (-10) - [X]
< jvoorhis> what is orlug?
< dgibbons> a irc channel
< jvoorhis> i saw :P
< dgibbons> it's the non lug affiliated oregon linux user group irc channel, it's never really linux related though
< dgibbons> lug-nostic? O.o
< dgibbons> It's like a blackhole in irc
< dgibbons> you put time in.. and you never see it again
< dgibbons> somehow the irc-gamma rays make you feel dumber too

#393 + (-14) - [X]
13:08 < dgibbons> anyone want a rototiller I couldn't get running?

<time passes>

07:54 <@Weebs> what have you tried on the tiller?
09:07 <@VxD> what have you not tried on the tiller?
09:07 <@VxD> How has the tiller changed your view on the world?
09:08 <@VxD> If you were a tiller, what color would you be?
09:08 <@VxD> When presented with two tillers, how would you choose the right one?
09:08 <@Weebs> if the tiller could use one word to decribe you what would it be
09:09 <@VxD> Have you ever had a conflict you couldn't resolve with a tiller? If so, what steps did you take to escalate the issue?
09:10 <@Weebs> where do you see the tiller being in 5 years?
09:10 <@VxD> If asked to map out a lifecycle roadmap on tiller management, where would you begin?
09:11 <@Weebs> if you were to ask the tiller's last supervisor to provide it additional training or exposure, what would he/she suggest?
09:11 <@VxD> Where do you feel the tiller falls in the ITIL incident management process?
09:12 <@Weebs> If the tiller could pick one superhero power what would it be and why?
09:12 <@VxD> If you were managing a group of tillers, would you make one tiller a lead to lessen your load? How would you enable that tiller?
09:13 <@Weebs> if the tiller had to get rid of one state in the US which one would it be and why?
09:13 <@VxD> If you were asked to help a tiller tie it's shoes by using words only, how would you proceed?
09:14 <@Weebs> What would the tiller's previous coworkers say about it?
09:14 <@VxD> What would your tiller sucession plan look like?
09:15 <@Weebs> Is there anyone the tiller just could not work with?
09:16 <@VxD> List out the tiller's prior roles in order and give a brief description on what the tiller liked about the job, why it took it, and why it left.
09:16 <@Weebs> Tell me why I should hire your tiller
09:16 < dgibbons> wow
09:17 <@VxD> Is there anything outside of work that you feel I should know about your tiller?
09:17 < dgibbons> anyways, I had a buddy come over with motivation and he cleaned it a bunch
09:17 < dgibbons> thats it
09:17 <@Weebs> jeez no wonder dgibbons never sells anything... he doesn't answer any questions!

#25 + (19) - [X]
*** pr0kfried (~mking@kraken.magnetinternet.com) has quit: Remote closed the
*** Nihilist (~nihilist@kraken.magnetinternet.com) has quit: Read error: 104
(Connection reset by peer)
<VxD> one host, two souls, all dead
#55 + (-19) - [X]
<Nihilist> we could add a column for news poster and have it in the layout instead of you typing --vxd each time
<VxD> doesn't really matter, but if you want to add it go ahead
<VxD> I don't really have to say --VxD either, who cares
<Nihilist> *shrug*
<VxD> yeah, that's minor
<Nihilist> i like minors
#288 + (13) - [X]
<Angel_Bear> I once did a Google search on "flesh eating bacteria".
<Angel_Bear> Sure enough, in the Google listings, I read "Flesh Eating Bacteria: Whatever you want, you can get it on eBay."

#302 + (-5) - [X]
* lispy is hoping his internet potential gf will login to AIM
< Kool-Aid> e-galfriend!
< lispy> yeah
< lispy> she e-seduced me!
< lispy> and i want to e-jaculate all over her picture

#370 + (-3) - [X]
< cjdaniel> Cock solves everything

#194 + (-3) - [X]
< [i]con> I asked a customer to get by his main CPU and reseat the
network cable, and he said to me "Wow Tyler, I didn't know
you'd have me getting on my knees so early in the morning."
< [i]con> Needless to say, I had to quickly put him on mute to hide the

#343 + (1) - [X]
NotoriousOIT: haha, i'm talking to some friends about how I had an HPV scare in college
NotoriousOIT: i had an abnormal pap, had to go in for a colposcopy and a cervical biopsy
NotoriousOIT: turned out negative, but it was still scary as hell trying to figure out where the fuck i could've picked up the cunt-plague
#93 + (0) - [X]
< shiruken> now, is it a bad sign if you fall asleep by passing out drunk
more than say 6 times a week?
< vertex--> shiruken: it's a bad sign if you find yourself waking up in
the bar's bathroom more than 3 times per week
< shiruken> hrm
< vertex--> truth is hard eh?
< shiruken> that's not hte only thing hard
< nate> what about the weener in your butt ?

#59 + (-10) - [X]
< wilko> It was sent to me by my wife
< wilko> My wife sends me gay porn at work!
< thumper^> She wants to be sure you're not in the mood when you get home.
< VxD> perhaps she's trying to help you get in touch with your inner self
< shiruken> thumper^: s/not//
< thumper^> he might be in the mood, but not for her. :)
#169 + (-3) - [X]
< natedawg> my problem finding a job i think is that i'm too bad ass
< natedawg> and it freaks people out
< geekinpink> :-P
< VxD> yeah, and then they know you are bluffing on the questions and it
ruins that badass image
< geekinpink> do you sing, "I'm too sexy for this job, too sexy for this
< VxD> so sexy it hurts!
< shiruken> just say things like
< shiruken> If I wasn't here, you bitches wouldn't know how to do your
< shiruken> you pathetic wussies
< shiruken> then body slam the copier

#229 + (4) - [X]
[Weebs] so I hung out with my girlfriends friends on saturday night... it was odd. They all were vegan (my gf isn't) and I walked in with a bag of KFC food.
[Weebs] 2 of the 3 friends had been protesting a KFC that morning.
[Weebs] kinda awkward
[Weebs] after about 20 minutes of being scolded about eatting the death birds of american society they finally stopped
[Weebs] I was feeling kinda bad about the whole thing. They believe so strongly in animal rights and crap
[Weebs] so anyways we played monopoly for a while then they all started to leave.
[Weebs] Katie and I walked them out to their cars.
[Weebs] as sara (super vegan deluxe) opened her door I noticed something about her car
[Weebs] it had leather seats!
[@ thumper^] HAH!
[@ VxD] bwwwhahahahahaha
[Weebs] I was so ready to fly off the damn handle at her
[@ thumper^] JOO BE BUSTED, BIOTCH!
[Weebs] sara just got a job with PETA in georgia
[Weebs] so basically, she harassed people who were going to KFC for food in the morning, harassed me in the evening, then rode home on the lushious assmeat of a baby cow.

#214 + (7) - [X]
19:13 < cwells> i no longer jack off to things. now i jack off *at* things
19:13 < robbyonrails> do you aim?
19:13 < cwells> sorta
19:13 < robbyonrails> i onced tried to hit the guy in the picture
#101 + (-18) - [X]
< Partcik> vxd, you running linux now?
< VxD> I'm running it in my pants!
< Partcik> omg, linux is all files!! there's no GUI!! omfg
< VxD> the one in my pants gets GUI sometimes...
< Partcik> is your pecker, the kernel?
< Partcik> nice mang
< VxD> right now I'm accessing: 4 linux systems, three HP-UX systems, one
w2k desktop and two w2k servers :-P
< Partcik> omfg
< Partcik> gi me gi me gi me!!
< VxD> that should keep you busy
< Partcik> ;p
< Partcik> it would certainly do that
< Partcik> yes sir
< _vertex_> and that's with his right hand
< VxD> my left actually, my right is busy...
< _vertex_> hmm I thought you were bi

#13 + (-5) - [X]
<floppyfw> the awesome Mandrake 8.1 system that can run apt-get
<VxD> god, that is sick floppyfw
<floppyfw> ya I know
<floppyfw> I'm apt to try it someday
? VxD slaps floppyfw with a copy of debian
#227 + (9) - [X]
< cwells> great
< cwells> we have ants in the kitchen
< cwells> i debated for a moment whether i should clean up, but opted
instead to stab one with a butcher knife
< cwells> that should discourage the rest of them
< rlangis> damned skippy

#217 + (-1) - [X]
(16:01:50) virtualdev: I have a meeting starting right now
(16:01:55) bykguy: niiiice
(16:02:02) virtualdev: yeah, about my project plan
(16:02:14) bykguy: good times, have fun
(16:02:46) bykguy: step 1 of my project plan is to order a McMinnies Long Island Icet Tea
(16:06:05) bykguy: step two involves a coordinated effort between the sexy waitress, my hand, my mouth. It will involve the timely arrival of the desired product triggering my hand in to motion to accept the product and deliver it to my mouth for proper processing
(16:07:38) bykguy: major milestones of my project are arriving at McMinnies, ordering of the drink, and product intake... which is also the succesful completion point of the project
(16:08:10) bykguy: shortly there after a project report will be submitted to the urinal, and we'll be done.
#65 + (-4) - [X]
< Nihilist> grishnav: how's work going?
< grishnav> Nihilist: well, did you ever see that one anime where the guy
is raping the chick in her ass and his dick comes out her
< Nihilist> ...
* GiR listens to the crickets chirping
< Nihilist> no don't think i saw that one
< Nihilist> happy ending?
< grishnav> well, for him

#323 + (7) - [X]
< fords> this week blows
< IamLordV1ldemort> fords: But does it swallow?
< fords> IamLordV1ldemort: only if you let it put it in your behind
#364 + (-1) - [X]
*** Weebs has signed off IRC ().
VxD: oh noes, he died!
hemp: there is another
*** Weebs has joined #sportbikesnw.
#158 + (9) - [X]
[12:56] <Weebs> I'm trying to think of something to eat for lunch
[12:56] <Weebs> any ideas?
[12:56] <VxD> penis
[12:56] <VxD> sliced and fried in butter
[12:56] <Weebs> no thanks, I only have one here and I'm saving it for a special

#17 + (19) - [X]
<wilee_work> next time I go the a lug , I need to see the flesh copy of the people I talk to
#192 + (3) - [X]
< keithgodat> well i pray but... unless your christian your gonna think
im insane ;-)
< robbyonrails> yeah, i think most prayers are insane
< keithgodat> well then your gonna think this is even more insane
< keithgodat> I speak in tounges, tremble when im in Gods presence, and
ive been slain in the spirit alot :D
< VxD> what level of Doom was that?

#337 + (6) - [X]
< cactus> emo birthday cakes are the best
< cactus> they cut themselves

#377 + (-16) - [X]
< shiruken> reckless and smart
< stackcats> like a laser plane
#63 + (-7) - [X]
< rlangis> god I hate working friday and saturday nights
< rlangis> not that I'm a social butterfly, but it completely kills any
*chance* of going out
< wilco> And getting laid
< rlangis> well I'm married, so no chance of that

#126 + (17) - [X]
<livinded>Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay = G4TV
[06:09:00 pm] - --livinded has left the chat (Kicked by G4|CyBot. Reason: SSSSSPAM. Don't you think writing "A" once or twice would be enough? You wrote 105 of them!!! When you come back, don't spam. Ok, thanks, bye.).
[06:09:06 pm] - --FifthDream sets mode +b *!*@ on #g4tv
[06:09:15 pm] <baloo>Fifthdream hits another one out of the park.
[06:09:40 pm] <shadow-fox> into deep center field

#149 + (-4) - [X]
<@Weebs> it's very windy here
<@VxD> bah, if it's not snowing, who cares!
<@Weebs> lol you are way braver than I am
<@Weebs> I admire that
<@VxD> I'll tell you a seekret, it's because I have a deathwish :)
<@VxD> self-hate empowers the weak!
<@Weebs> yeah being married will do that to a man
#184 + (-13) - [X]
<@[i]con> Arr!
<@[i]con> Avast.
<@Weebs> me hardy!
<@Weebs> parlay
<@[i]con> Arrgg.. I be the dread pirate swishy-hair, there be a storm
brewin' in me skivvies.
<@[i]con> Our company celebrates National Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day, it's
<@Weebs> does your company also sponsor ass orgies?
<@Weebs> cuz that's pretty gay

#44 + (11) - [X]
<VxD> hehe, emails are so much fun when people leave out words
<VxD> an example of one I got during the night, where the word "restore" was
left out: "Hello DBAs,
<VxD> Can you please the database in production."
<thumper^> heh
<thumper^> pet it nicely, and say nice things in it's ear.
#137 + (-1) - [X]
<lispy> %random * bukkake
<Hera> <shiruken> like, you don't pick up the name, 'Bukkake Bill'
by shining shoes
<lispy> %random * bukkake
<Hera> <HentaiJessOIT> Bukkake: when a mommy and a daddy and a
daddy and a daddy and a daddy and a daddy and a daddy get together
so they can give mommy a special facial moisturizing treatment.

#39 + (2) - [X]
<shiruken> so, I talked with a kernel developer this morning
<shiruken> relating the Randal story
<shiruken> and he goes, "oh, tell me when your next meeting is
<shiruken> he wants to come
<VxD> shiruken: that's hot!
<VxD> the next meeting date is on...my wife's birthday
<VxD> frickin' luck
<linuxninja> shiruken: awesome
<charlieS> what's more important? Linux, or wife?
<VxD> well linux of course, but don't tell my wife that :)
<VxD> she calls my computer my mistress
<charlieS> once linux can suck you off..
<charlieS> lol
<VxD> and I have 4 mistresses at home :)
<VxD> I have a computer harem!
<charlieS> schwweeeeet
#363 + (-11) - [X]
< whodevil> no
< whodevil> no
< whodevil> sexualized children
< whodevil> naked

#33 + (-17) - [X]
* VxD is going to Chucky Cheese tonight, WOOHOO
<rikell42> :0
<rikell42> are you 12?
<VxD> oh come on now Chucky Cheese kicks ass
* rikell42/#orlug shrugs
<VxD> I can't live with myself if I can't play Skee Ball
<tacodog> Chuck E. Cheese kicked my ass and took my lunch money
<rikell42> I can't think of meeting people at a place like that
<VxD> never seen a rat kick a dogs ass, must have been a big old rat
<VxD> rikell42: oh yeah, it's the rage anymore
<tacodog> all that pizza he's been eatin'
<VxD> I like picking up on 10 year olds
<rikell42> :|
<rikell42> :P
<VxD> It's my daughter's birthday party nuttaz
<rikell42> aww
<rikell42> that makes sense
<rikell42> :)
<rikell42> well happy birth day
<VxD> but I use that as an excuse for picking up on 10 year olds
<tacodog> who doesn't?
<tacodog> who doesn't indeed
* VxD *grin*
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